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The Individual Friends are a Brussels based musical collective created.
After nearly twenty years of coming together to perform live concerts, the Individual Friends met at David Chazam’s studio late in 2018 to record their first album.
Although all of the Individual Friends could not join us this time around, 11 artists and musicians are featured in this production:
Angélisa (aka Wappetona), Patricky Clauwearts (drums/percussion), Jan Ducheyne (poetry/vocals), Teuk Henri (guitar), Bai Kamara Jr. (vocals/guitar/bass), Jef Mercelis (vocals/keyboard/guitar), Manu Low (vocals/guitar/drums), Mika Nagazaki (bass/guitar), Frank Pay (drums/percussion), Gered Stowe (vocals/guitar) and Matt Watts (vocals)

Individual Friends rejoint le label Butterfly Music (The Y-house). Leur 1er album du même nom sort en mai 2020 en Belgique !